About Time: Fashion and Duration (Extended Exhibition Preview) | Met Fashion

Watch an extended preview of the Costume Institute’s 2020 exhibition, About Time: Fashion and Duration. The exhibition will trace a century and a half of fashion—from 1870 to the present—along a disruptive timeline, on the occasion of The Met’s 150th anniversary. Employing Henri Bergson’s concept of la durée (duration), it will explore how clothes generate temporal associations that conflate past, present, and future. Virginia Woolf will serve as the “ghost narrator” of the exhibition.

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The exhibition is made possible by:
Louis Vuitton Additional support is provided by: Condé Nast

Participación de alumnas de la Licenciatura en Moda en la pasarela MINI FASHION

Concluímos exitosamente con la pasarela MINI Fashion después de un semestre de arduo trabajo. Felicidades a las alumnas Mar Cuesta, Alexia Torres, Vanessa Figueroa, Alexandra Jaquier y Almendra Aguirre.
Felicidades también a las profesoras Ana Ceci Valdés y Elia Lara.



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