Material ConneXion

Ya cuenta la Universidad Anáhuac con la biblioteca de materiales física y digital Material ConneXion.

Visita la Biblioteca física en el 2o Piso de la Escuela de Arquitectua, sobre la Biblioteca de Arquitectura y Diseño. Consulta la Biblioteca en línea a través de la la base de datos de Material ConneXion que encontrarás al ingresar a la Biblioteca digital en el Sitio web de la Biblioteca de la Universidad Anáhuac.


Material Connexion

Material Connexion is the world’s leader in material innovation, inspiring the designs of tomorrow through the materials of today. Material ConneXion is the trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, forward-thinking agencies and governmental bodies seeking a creative, competitive or sustainable edge. With an international network of specialists, we possess vast cross-industry perspective on materials, design, new product development and sustainability. Our consulting division, ThinkLAB, works with our clients on creating better products and experiences by leveraging new material and manufacturing innovations.

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